Monday, 14 July 2008

A Beginning!

This is my first ever blog.
So far, it is going very well.
I like cricket.
That seems like a good place to start.

After spending the first 3 days in suspended animation unable to quite believe how much success England were having, and continually slapping myself and anyone nearby in order to determine whether or not I was even conscious, finally, England are producing the goods.
And by that, I mean that they are not losing, but they are not winning.
Thats more like it.

If there's one thing England are good at, its not winning, and if there's another, it's excuses.
Today, we will be told that the positives are the discipline of the bowlers, the difficulty of the conditions, the commitment of the crowd, the splendour of the batting performance.
They truly deserve to win this match, and its sadly not going to happen.
But we're a lot closer to winning than losing, and thats a very english positive to take from the situation.
There are questions being asked of the tourist team. Including:

Why are they fat?
Is Hashim Amla's head on the right way?
Would Graham Smith kill a baby?
Isn't Neil Mckenzie's OCD fun?

That's all for now, I'm feeling quite exhausted with the occasion.
And we got a wicket, so we're almost certainly heading for a win..Lovely.

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